Game Production of The Hole

Developer Diary

09/10/2015 – I had a recap of mudbox and started making a character for the first time which so far I believe is going well for what I have managed to do so far. The model looks as if it will become just what I want for my character.

09/10/2015 – In audio we recapped on the program Audacity and talked about the module.

Contents GDD

12/10/2015 – While doing the contents of the GDD I have learned new titles that I hadn’t seen before in a GDD such as philosophical points, which are to help the designer realsie their goals and what they must do to achieve those goals. This has helped significantly when setting these goals and seeing just how realistic or unrealistic they are and whether I need to compromise or not.

Painting Model

15/10/2015 – Finished sculpting the character and begun to paint the model.


13/10/2015 – This is my Kanban flow keeping me on track and making sure I know what I’m doing and what needs to be done, along with what has been completed.

Kanban 2

17/10/2015 – This is an updated version of my Kanban Flow showing my progress and what I am working on.

Kanban 3

27/11/2015 – this is the latest version of my Kanban.

Final Character.png

18/12/2015 – This is the final version of the character model before being posed for the turntable. The character has turned out really well as the character looks as I wanted, however she could look better in certain areas if I were better at creating characters, for future reference I shall practice more character creation, so I can improve the look of characters I create in the future.


The weeks before the 29th of January I was working on the level structure in Unreal, along with environment concept art and asset creation for the level. As I was doing this I was implementing the time management technique called Pomodoro, which I have dropped as it became more of a distraction and a hindrance to my work than helpful. So I decided to carry on using agile management for it was far more helpful to me and gets the job done.

29/01/2016 – Sprint Sheet 1

  • By next week I hope to have one textured asset.
  • On Sunday work on Unreal level structure to completion.

From last weeks set goals I have completed only one. I have completed the level structure in Unreal, however I was unable to fully texture one asset for the UV’s took a particularly long time to deal with and arrange, after this was done I had to render the UV template as a solid at 4096 so I could put it into Photoshop and prepare it for use in Quixel. this process took longer than first expected and therefore required more time to be dedicated to it than previously thought. this will be taken into consideration later down the line to apply my time better whenworking on my assets.

01/02/2016 – Today I worked on my storyboard through creating different assets in 3DS Max to be put in the scene, then I took several screenshots and edited them in Photoshop by adding a filter to make it look better.

02/02/16 – Today there were more screenshots added to the storyboard to show what is going on in the game when you are playing the scenario, it will give the player a quick look into what the game shall be like giving almost in game like images to help illustrate and demonstrate what the player can do and see.

03/02/16 – taken more screenshots for the storyboard and edited them to their finished look, along with annotations to tell the reader what is going on, both through arrows of where to go and describing what is happening in a short and concise paragraph.

04/02/2016 – Today during the Games Architecture session I attempted to work on my level in Unreal, however due to computer problems causing Unreal to freeze I could not, therefore I moved on to the storyboard to further complete it, I completed a part of the storyboard and successfully took several screenshots for the storyboard. I decided to do my Unreal work at home due to the computers at Confetti giving me a hard time when trying to edit or do anything to the level.

05/02/2016 – During the video session I was working on an asset and trying to get it textured but I spent that time working on the UV’s till they were perfect and ready to be edited in Photoshop for me to use in Quixel so I can utilise the textures available in Quixels library. They were finished and the asset is now ready to be textured in Quixel to then be implemented in engine. Quixel has really enhanced the workflow and allows me to texture my assets a lot faster than ever before.

05/02/2016 – Sprint Sheet 2

  • further complete the storyboard
  • complete texturing the asset and create another

Kanban 5

this is the latest version of my Kanban I have tasked my self to finish the storyboard completely and it is currently in progress and in the works.

I have completed both tasks that I set last week I have finished the storyboard and the asset I failed to texture last week I have successfully done this week, the asset is complete and ready to go into engine.

08/02/2016 – Today more of the screenshots were made and finished, so they are ready for the storyboard. along with that I also finished the last of the environment concepts as I had two different environments to do.

09/02/2016 – The screenshots have all been edited and are ready to be annotated as to what is happening in each image.

11/02/2016 – Today in Games Architecture I attempted to create a day and night cycle in the blueprint unfortunately it didn’t work, there will need to be some revision as to why the blueprint isn’t working. At the same time the level is getting more structure to it and is finally beginning to look how it is supposed to be structure wise.

12/02/2016 – Today in the video session the desk asset I planned to finish has been completed and is fully textured ready to go into engine as the asset was finished I began another asset being a backpack, which is going well, as shown below in the screenshots


Kanban 7

This is the latest Kanban showing that i have completed what I planned on completing in the time I gave.

12/02/2016 – Sprint sheet 3

  • Finish the Backpack asset.
  • get the blueprint fixed and do more blueprint.

The backpack is completed and fully textured ready to go into the Unreal level. As for the blueprint I failed to make time to fix it and instead started building an inventory and crafting system in the game, however plans are being made to rectify this matter by next week so it is fixed and ready to go by the time I must submit.

Unreal Blueprint

14/02/2016 – Today I attempted to create a day and night cycle this failed as I believe this was due to the fact that it no longer works in the version of Unreal I’m using leaving me no choice but to delete it and start over. above is the failed day and night cycle blueprint. If I am unable to get the day and night cycle working I may have to change plans and dedicate my time more wisely to other tasks that are more important, as the dayand night cycle is not vital to the game it would jsut be a bonus.

15/02/2016 – Today I created a street lamp and put it into Quixel to fully texture it. Then I also finished modelling and dealt with the UV’s of the backpack ready to be put into Quixel for texturing. As well as almost completing two assets I have also finished my storyboard description in full detail as to how the player may feel and what is happening at each point in the gameplay scenario.

16/02/2016 – Today was successful as I accomplished starting my inventory system for my game level in Unreal, along with a couple more assets created one being a plant and another being a table, and a chair that I textured in Quixel.

17/02/2016 – I did not do as much as I would have liked for I did more work on the inventory and crafting system, also worked a little more on the models, but I failed to complete anything the assets are at least close to completion and the inventory/crafting system are moving along and is one step closer to getting to the final goal I’m currently working on getting the look done and the GUI.

18/02/2016 – In today’s session I worked on the Unreal level to add a little more to the structure and get other jobs done. I completed the structure and I moved on to do an environment concept as I was already finished, but felt I could do one more as I have two environments one in the city and another being a jungle, so I decided they both needed two each which is why I created a second one for the jungle.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

19/02/2016 – During the Video session I was getting my storyboard assignment together to hand in and I was ready until I decided to make the storyboard better, once I finished the storyboard I got all the work together in a folder and handed it in I failed to do much else, however the storyboard is complete and done to a good standard therefore it was worth it.

19/02/2016 – Sprint Sheet 4

  • Complete more models for the level and texture them.
  • Complete more of the inventory/crafting system, and fix the day and night cycle.

I have successfully created more assets and textured them, also I have completed more of the inventory/crafting system. However the day and night cycle still isnt fixed and from now on will be put on hold until I can get back to it.

22/02/2016 – Today I created and UV’d an asset ready to be put into Quixel for texturing.

23/02/2016 – I worked a little more on the Unreal inventory and crafting system.

24/02/2016 – I created more assets for my level in Unreal.

25/02/2016 – Today I made an enemy from the game, called a parrotshark in Mudbox and imported it to 3DS Max for further touch ups and modelling to create the wings.

26/02/2016 – Today I made further improvements to my parrotshark, also I created another asset and put in Quixel for texturing.

I have finished more assets that are now ready to go in the environment, as well as completing more assets I have successfully completed more of the inventory/crafting system in Unreal starting to give it an actual visual, however thats all I have been doing and must start other tasks as specified by my Kanban.

29/02/2016 – Today was successful as I finished my Model of a Parrotshark and finished UV’ing the Model, so I am able to texture it in Quixel. (Here is the model below)


02/03/2016 -I worked on my Unreal level and got a small chunk of the level completed I also carried on the work I was doing on the level blueprint and normal blueprints such as the Inv/Crafting system. So I can spread work between other coding and the other tasks I have set myself.

03/03/2016 – During my Games Architecture session I used this time to work more on assets and I almost finished the one I was working on but I had to go. therefore I plan to complete it later on.

04/03/2016 – Today in my video session I encountered problems as I found one of my models I had already textured in Quixel did not look right, so I had to texture it again and now its fine. in the same session I had another issue when I tried to texture the Parrotshark in Quixel I was applying an Inflamed Monster Skin texture and instead it applied a chrome texture, although other Monster Skin textures worked, it seemed there was a problem with the program or something,still haven’t found the reason for this peculiar issue.

04/03/2016 – Sprint Sheet 5

  • Work on my environment till it is almost complete.
  • Deal with Parrotshark.

I Achieved getting the environment close to completion there is only a few tasks to do before it is fully completed. sadly the Parrotshark had to be put on hold do to more important models that needed my attention leaving me not a lot of time to deal with the parrotshark, I may want to think about dealing with the Parrotshark when other pieces of work are completed and wait till I feel more confident about being able to work on it and complete the model plus all other work.

During Industry week I failed to do much of work, do to going to the different sessions going on all week and other activities I had to do at the same time.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

14/03/2016 – Today in my Video session I worked on my assignment to get it closer to being finished in time for the deadline this week. For the assignment I was finalizing the last few models and making sure everything was okay, once I completed checking the models I began getting the Screenshots/Renders for the assignment so I could be ready for the final submission.

15-16/03/2016 – On both today and yesterday I have been gathering screenshots for the assignment and assorting into the right folders ready for submission.

Portfolio Template

17/03/2016 – In my Games Architecture session we were getting ready to submit for an interim by creating a portfolio template for both the Games Architecture interim and the Video Submission this will help present my assets and environment in a professional manner whilst also making the asset or level look great. later today I worked on the audio till it was finished and I could stop editing and export the files from logic as a WAV.

18/03/2016 – In today’s video session I finished the work and handed the assignment in, everything was fully textured and put into the portfolio.

Kanban 8

18/03/2016 – Sprint Sheet 6

  • Work on the programing for Unreal for a teleporter matinee etc.
  • any assets that need to be in the level need to be either made or finished and imported into Unreal.
  • further complete the level.

I have successfully achieved these goals I set and my level is almost complete.

21/03/2016 – 10/04/2016 – Throughout the time I was off I worked on the game every chance I had when I wasn’t taking a break. I achieved many of my outlined goals and further completed the level, with newly created assets to add to the world to make it look prestine. As I progressed through the work I began making more blueprints for the level and came into some trouble as I had to compromise for another way to do what I needed as the blueprint I was creating wouldnt work, it was a respawn checkpoint blueprint I wanted to create but instead I used a teleporter in strategically placed locations with triggers ready to catch the player when they fall into a sticky situation. Others I was working on was a way to collect an object which I successfully achieved, another was text, as I set up text so that when the player spawns they will have text to tell them what they must do first. As I did all this work during my time off I encountered a serious problem when I tried to make my character the playable character, the problem was as I playedthe game the default hero character spawned in and had no animations, it was just standing in the default position but the character could still be moved around using the controls. Luckily I had a backup that did not have this problem, however the character still isn’t in it, but I will try again and ask for help if needed.

11/04/2016 – During my session I had completed another asset and began to texture the level more giving it that more finished and complete look. However the level is not fully textured yet.


12/04/2016 – Whilst working I found a better way to do the re-spawn checkpoints and have been able to create a respawn system that works and is now completed. (Below will be a an image of the different coding I have done within the level blueprint)

Unreal Blueprint

During the creation process there have been many ups and downs with the creation of assets and the level, however each problem I have faced so far have been fixed or they are in the process of being fixed. as the game comes closer to being the final game I look back on what could have been done better and what I did well. There is a few tasks that as of right now have not been fixed nor completed, for example the day and night cycle, this is for many reasons such as other tasks are more important and I still have not found a way for it to work. The best way for me to improve on these problems is to practice more coding, even modelling so I can work faster and produce the work I need quickly for the deadlines I have set. In doing this I shall gain more experience in the different areas to help improve my skills and workflow. This will allow me to finsih the work and future projects at a faster pace.


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Back-story for Saxon

In a galaxy called Axia lived a boy named Saxon who lived on a planet called rubelem with his poor parents, Felicia his mother and his dad Steven, and every day was a good day as he played with his friends Franklin and Corpax. As the three of them were playing one galactic enforcer comes down to talk to his mother, as the galactic enforcer walks past in the suit that proudly shows heroism and courage all three of them look at him in pure amazement as they all said “wow”. Saxon then says to his two compadres “I wonder what he’s here for?” Corpax replies “maybe he’s here to take your mother” Saxon sounding angry tells him “shut your stupid face!!, he’s not here to take my mother”. Franklin feeling rather sad and stressed shouts “stop fighting or I swear I’m gonna kill you both!!!” Saxon and Corpax both say rather frightened “ok ok, calm down man”.

As the enforcer was coming back he was bringing Saxons dad Steven out and Saxon soon realised his dad was being arrested. As the enforcer went past his dad said to him “don’t worry son I’m just going away for awhile” then his mother Felicia came out crying like there was no tomorrow and as she stuttered she said “please don’t take him away, can’t you just let it slide” the enforcer sounding rather cold and heartless said “I’m sorry but your dirt bag of a husband stole a very important weapon that will help us win the war, and we need him to tell us where it is” she then replies “my husband wouldn’t do such a thing he’s not a traitor he’s being framed, please let him go!”. But the enforcer didn’t believe her as the evidence was to overwhelming, so the enforcer took him away and Saxons mother went to comfort him as they both stood there in shock watching him go in jail for something he didn’t do. Whilst Saxons friends stand there thinking of how they feel sorry for him, yet they both feel guilty as they think it could be true that Saxons dad is a traitor.

Felicia then tries to act like nothing ever happened as she said trying to stay strong “shall we all have dinner children” Saxon feeling sad and confused says to her “but dads just been taken away, how can I eat at a time like this”. Franklin trying to be sympathetic says “I’m sorry would you like us to go home we would understand of course, wouldn’t we Corpax” corpax replies “yeah sure, but could we have are food to go?”. At this point Felicia isn’t pleased with his response and shouts “get lost! Go home I want you to leave now!!!” they leave feeling scared and Corpax feeling stupid.

10 years later, Saxon is 18 years old and after thinking for awhile of what he wanted to do he then thinks of joining the galactic enforcers, to one day find that his father is innocent to clear his name. So he ventures forth to train at the galactic enforcers academy, when he gets there he finds a surprise as he spots his friends Franklin and Corpax, at which point he walks over to say hi “hey Franklin, Corpax what are you two doing here?” Franklin responds “were here to join the galactic enforcers, I assume you are to?” Saxon says happily “yeah, I’m so glad you’re joining with me I can show you the training I’ve been doing to prepare”.

So they go in to join the enforcers, as soon as they entered immediately you can see thousands of people wanting to join and in front of them all, the most hard, heart pumping training track you will ever see, we all knew that was what we had to face and conquer if we were to join the great enforcers academy. They soon get started and Saxon tells his friends “good luck you two” they both reply “thanks, good luck to you to” Saxon says smugly “thanks, but I don’t need it, this is what I’ve been training for” like he knew he would pass. When it came to them Saxon indeed did succeed and so did his friends, but not to the standards at which Saxon did it, the academy told him he was the best they had ever seen and they rewarded him by not bothering with the basics since he didn’t need to work on them, instead they let him move up to the next level with the other cadets doing more advanced training. In doing so he had to leave his friends, but the commander of the academy saw he would miss them and decided to let them come to so not to hinder his ability.

5 years later Saxon and friends are 23 years old and after the hard work training to be the best cadet they finally graduated, Saxon now feeling accomplished told his friends what he really joined for, to clear his dads name also to help stop Dr Fracture from dooming us all. He asks for their help and they both say yes even though previously they had doubts that he was innocent, as they try to find the truth about his dad they find who was behind it, one of Dr Fractures goons. When he found out Saxon was furious and decided to do whatever it takes to take that scumbag down, his friends felt the same, also felt horrible that they doubted his father.

Later that day he and his friends went to the hanger to take a ship so they can take a little visit to Dr Fracture. Saxon asked his friends “are you two sure you want to do this?” their response was “yes, we feel guilty for doubting your fathers innocence, plus if we didn’t what kind of friends would we be” Saxon in a happy and thankful tone said “thanks guys, now let’s go get this creep!!” But what they didn’t know was Dr Fracture was ready to destroy the galaxy.

They finally arrive at Dr Fractures ship, Franklin asks “how do you suppose we get in?” Saxon replies smartly “well my smart friend with the push of this button we can cloak ourselves and wait for another ship to enter” Franklin amazed by such a great idea responds “well I can’t fault that plan, well I can but it’s all we’ve got”, so they enter the ship by means of following another and get out, when its safe they leave the ship and go find Dr Fracture.

When they do they crouch down near a corner and watch Dr Fracture, and they spot a device in his hand which they all knew could only be for his evil purposes, Saxon was trying to figure out how to get in there and knock out the ugly thug like guards protecting him, but then a voice looms over them and says “trespassers aye, let’s go see Dr Fracture I’m sure he’ll be interested to know your here”. So the guard took them to see Dr Fracture as they entered the room Dr Fracture said “ah I see your cadets from the enforcers, very brave of you, but stupid” Saxon interrupted and said “you scumbag!! You framed my father for your own evil purposes what do you have to say for yourself?” Dr Fracture replies “hey your father was a means to an end, besides it’s not like he was special” Saxon furiously responds “you take that back!, I’m gonna kill you”, the evil Dr Fracture takes no notice of Saxons empty threats and begins saying “well Saxon you and your friends get to witness the deaths of billions ha ha ha ha!!!!” Saxon asks in confusion “what do you mean?” so Dr Fracture tells him “well young Saxon I Dr Fracture will use this device to destroy the entire axia galaxy!!!, and you get to watch” Saxon and his companions are all terrified and shouts “NO!!!!!!!!!! Why!!!!” Saxon then says threateningly “don’t you dare my parents are down there and my friends parents, you do this and you have an enemy for life”, now laughing the atrocious fiend Dr Fracture replies “I hope you know what you would be getting into”, then Dr Fracture pressed the button and they flew away to the next galaxy.

When they get to the new galaxy called shylax Dr Fracture spares Saxon and his friends leaving them in a city on a planet in this new galaxy, Saxon now knew his family and his friends family were most likely dead and that he needed to get revenge no matter what….

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Web Authoring: web coding protocols

One web protocol is the structure of the website as it needs to be done in a certain way and order, for example a homepage will need a header, footer, links, main body of text and images to give it more stability which is pretty self explanatory as it will help the user of the website as everything will be in the same basic order just different look. This will also help the user get more enjoyment out of the website for it will be easy to use and easier to navigate through. This is why it is important to have order to a website, keeping the basic order of the webpage will make the structure obvious to the user.

example of structure for website

Titles are important to for without titles for these web pages the web page may not show up on the search engines. They are also useful and important with bookmarking for they tell you what will be on the page so you don’t get confused with the bookmarks, as if they were blank you wouldn’t be able to tell what that particular website was, which could be a problem if you had many bookmarks to choose from.

Also to make the website show up in more searches, you use this tag <title>amazing games – PS4</title> instead of this <title>amazing games</title> as this will add a title instead of a subtitle and will increase the likeliness of the website being listed by a search engine.

Hyper Text Mark-up Language

HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language; this is the building blocks for creating a website and is also the language of websites. HTML is written in tags similar to <html> within the page content, these tags usually come in pairs an opening and closing tag’s such as <html> and </html>, in the closing tag the word is an element or attribute. The web browsers purpose is to read the HTML document and arrange them into audible and visual web pages.

This shows some examples of other tags you can use, an example is the tag <p> this tag makes a paragraph on the website, another tag shown in the example above is <em> this tag alters text to be italic and you can as shown put on any bit of text you want to change it to italic. One more tag shown here is <b> this tag makes the text bold and again you may put it around the text you wish to make bold on your website.

ImageThis is basic html, and the tag at the top is a declaration telling you that it is a HTML 5 document, HTML 5 allows you to put in native video files without using a java plug in or codec to go behind it.

The body tag tells the website to show the text as the main body of text.


Browsers can interpret HTML content differently as different browser may need more programming for it to work so it could work in internet explorer but may not work in Firefox for example.

Meta Tags

They are usually done in the heading part of the code; they are used to help your site come up in more views by using key words to represent the content of your webpage. Meta tags also provide the information on who created the page and tells you how often the website is updated. Meta tags can automatically refresh the website.

CSS (Cascading Style Sheet)

A CSS controls the look of a website such as the font, colour of the text, background etc. This is done by using the code below. It is then referenced in the HTML code with the use of this link reference <link href=”myFirstStyleSheet.css” rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css”>, along with the link reference you need to include next to or above where you want the text to be a different colour and put this class=”mynewstyle”> this is shown in the second image below; the reason for doing that is so it incorporates the CSS when you open it.



The code included in the CSS is the font, font weight (basically making bold or not) then the colour which obviously determines the colour of the text shown on the website. This is just one example of the code for CSS (this is shown in the image above), below shows two more examples of code used for CSS, one is the background which controls the colour of the background and the emphasis as shown, also the size of the border (in pixels) for the website and the colour set for the border. So this clearly shows the code for adding a style and theme for the background.

The next CSS code is to do with the font and font size of the text, this allows the CSS to change all text with the tag <h1> in the HTML code without applying the CSS class.


Below is an example of the website with the use of the CSS to change the colour of the text.


Below is an example of the website without the augmentation from the use of the CSS to change the appearance of the website.


In conclusion HTML allows you to create a website with the use of notepad or notepad ++ and the various tags involved in the code for the website.

CSS is used to make a style and theme for the website to give it more colour and change the text to whatever size and font that you want, along with colour of the text if you wish to have a different colour.

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Designing tests for games: bug report

Bug type (D minor bug)

The bug is a D class bug as it doesn’t affect progression and isn’t bad enough to be classed as a general bug, for this only affects the look and some mechanics of the game.

Full bug Description

The bug happens when you use the enhanced 3D in-game on the browser Firefox as occasionally the green squares on your troops in year zero don’t show up but you can still move if you press where they should be, at the same time when it’s the start of your turn you have the blue squares around your troops but the troops don’t show up but they are there if you press where they are supposed to be. A similar problem occurred when a truck was wrecked the image of it wrecked was a few spaces back meaning it wasn’t actually there you could just see the image in the wrong place on the battlefield. These bugs will be illustrated below.


Which triggers are involved?

When you use the enhanced 3D in-game this is what seems to initially trigger the bug as the game works fine with standard 3D, it only begins to show these bugs when using enhanced 3D in-game. Showing that there might be a problem with the enhanced 3D when in-game for these bugs to occur only when you turn it on its very unexpected.

Operating region

The operating region that the bug is in is in-game, as the bugs only happen whilst the enhanced 3D is on, that is what starts the bugs happening in this region, whereas in the same region on standard 3D the game works fine and the bugs don’t occur ever.


It is definitely repeatable as all you have to do is turn on the enhanced 3D and the bugs start up in-game, it may be fine at first, but then it will happen as it has every time when I have activated the enhanced 3D. So the bug is repeatable as I have tried myself and it has happened every time I have done this.

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Designing tests for games: test suite

Test suite


Do the browsers load up the login for year zero properly?

When I loaded the login screen for year zero I found that all three browsers easily loaded the page properly with no faults to see, all three look the same there was no differences, I tried to refresh them all several times to see if it would carry on working properly and they all did. There are no problems on this part as far as I can tell.


Game start

Do the browsers load the game up properly when logged in?

Once I logged in I found that internet explorer failed to load year zero when I logged in as seen in the screenshot below it just shows a blank grey screen saying its fully loaded and when I tried to reload it the game still didn’t load properly, when I tried to log in on the browser Firefox it loaded up year zero properly shown in the second screenshot below and I could then begin playing, the same thing happened with Google chrome, it worked properly and loaded year zero I even tried to reload it to see if it would still load as it should and I found it consistently kept loading year zero successfully as seen in the last screenshot below.



Do the movement tiles and tiles showing who you can still use in your turn work in year zero in-game?

On the browser Firefox the tiles show up where there supposed to sometimes but then doesn’t show up when you load it up other times on the enhanced 3D, and now the units don’t show up or are in the wrong place, like there will be the blue square around the unit and you can’t see them there. But then a truck got destroyed and you could see it where it was a few spaces ago instead of where it actually was on the map this is all shown on the screenshot below.

I tried to reload it to see if this would help it work properly, instead the game had a black screen and it came up with the Firefox error “the script may be busy” with the options to continue waiting for it to work which no matter how many times you press comes up with the same error, so you press stop script and sometimes it works and the game will work properly and then other times it still constantly brings back the error rendering the game unplayable.

Google chrome seems to have no problems using the enhanced 3D other than the fact it takes some time to load, it takes possibly 1 to 3 minutes to load maybe even longer sometimes whilst at the same time the clock is still running for your turn in year zero as you’re in-game, but the enhanced 3D does work as shown in the third screenshot below.



Does year zero save properly?

Year zero saves properly on the browser Firefox as I logged out then logged back in and I was at the same place I was before I logged out. I tried this multiple times and it worked as shown in the screenshots below, there are no problems with logging in and out using Firefox or chrome as I have tried the same with chrome as I did Firefox and it loaded year zero up the same point that I left it. But internet explorer doesn’t work unfortunately as it still loads up the blank screen showing it’s fully loaded like that, so you can’t use Internet explorer.


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Test phases

There is a pre-alpha test phase which is just the phase before going into alpha as they are preparing it for the alpha release, by getting certain things ready such as the software design, software development etc.

Alpha is the first playable game build where testers will find many bugs some of them possibly crash bugs or data loss, after the testers have tested the game build for any triggers for defects and bugs it may have it will go back to the developers where they will fix any defects and bugs that have been reported, going back to the planning and going through the game test cycle and release it once more as the Beta.

Beta is an improved version of the game build after going back to the developers from Alpha but will still have more bugs than the completed version for it will have more content now and it’s the first time testing it, the testers will test the game once more for any triggers for defects and bugs that may still be there or if there are any new ones. Once the testers are done they will report their findings to the developers who will then fix any remaining defects or bugs that are still there then release as gold. The beta is the first test phase to allow non-developers to play the game and test it, this is called an open and close beta test phase.

Before gold there is the release candidate test phase which is a beta version that has potential to be a final product, then once they have tested it for any show stopping bug they will stop adding to it and release as gold ready to be sold. This is called code complete when all of the development team agrees that there should be no more source code added to it.

Gold is the final release of the game after being fixed from the reports about the Beta, it will be released to manufacturing as it will be ready for selling to customers, and it will be digitally signed for the integrity and authenticity of the software. After that it will be mass duplicated to make more copies to be sold at retail stores everywhere. This proves that it has obtained a certain quality level for the game to be sold.

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Defect triggers

Triggers are what make a bug happen they can be between the operating regions and there are many ways to trigger a bug. For example in the pre-game operating region if you do things before playing the game such as change some settings, then that could trigger a bug to happen like the game crashes or something in-game like items you can pick up you can’t pick up any more because it triggered a bug in-game.

A configuration trigger is usually when the player manually changes any settings such as the graphic settings, as this could trigger a defect like a texture bug meaning the textures won’t load properly and will look terrible.

A start up trigger can occur in the games menu or start up that can cause frame drops, crashes and graphical errors. This can be caused by hardware problems such as processing power and memory power. Another defect that can happen is if the disc is scratched then there will be errors when it tries to read the disc, or it could be the opposite with the laser reading the disc having problems, making it difficult to read the disc. This can mainly cause visual errors for the fact that its physical damage instead of it being the games code.

Exception trigger is usually ruled out by the developers when creating the base game, but this can occur when modding in games such as Garry’s mod. Where the game may not read the code correctly or not even read it at all causing the game to possibly crash.

A stress trigger can be an overloading online server for a game like halo or COD or even Battlefield 3, this will cause game-play problems in-game, also might cause game restarts, and may even cause the game to crash.

Restart trigger can cause defects such as game saves becoming corrupted. For example when restarting for a second time on roller-coaster tycoon 2 this sometimes randomly causes the data to become corrupted and then causes the game to crash. This would be in between the pre-game and game start operating region.






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Game test cycle

The game test cycle begins with the planning of the test as you will want to plan out the test before actually doing it, once you have made the plans after every fix of bugs you may have found you still will want to revisit the plans with every build to check what might have changed in the design spec since the last build, and possibly add new test cases to test more of the functions for example if a character was casting a spell on a group of enemies. Also looking at what features in the game has been cut.

In the preparing part of the game test cycle the development team prepare the game build to be tested once more by the QA or test team after fixing the bugs the team reported and marking them fixed in the defect database. Then the QA or test team will test the new game build and verify whether or not the bugs are truly fixed, if so they will close the bugs so they are officially fixed, but if some are not they will have to report them back to the developers so they may fix them once more.

In the performing part of the game test cycle when you are performing a test on a bug you must make a detailed and concise report on the bug including as much information as you can about it, as it will help the development team easily eliminate the bug. The details would be where it is exactly, how to trigger it, is there more than one way to trigger the bug, what is the bug etc. Those are some of the details you will need to include for a helpful bug report.

The reporting part of the game test cycle is as it sounds, you simply log your completed test suite and report any and all bugs or defects you have found in the game build, to help terminate the bugs and defects, so the game is ever closer to being released.

In the repairing section the development team will be repairing the bugs and defects reported whilst the QA or test team will be available to help the developer’s track the bug in the game build showing how to trigger it, then the developers will repair every bug and defect in the game build.

The final stage of the game test cycle is to repeat the process and find new bugs to then go through the process of fixing and repairing each of the bugs and defects, to make it a working bug and defect free game as best you can. So this is the game test cycle that if followed will help remove all bugs and defects in a game build, to prepare it to be released to the public.


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Operating regions

Pre-game operating region

Pre-game operating region is before you play the game for example the dash board on Xbox 360, for PC and Mobiles this would be before you started the game like the desktop. Where you could change settings or do anything before starting the game that could impact the operation of the game as it loads it could fail and crash possibly because of those certain changes in the settings and or anything else you may do.

win7default original

Game start operating region

Game start is whilst the game is loading and before you even start the game where something could possibly go wrong like it crashing from something before you started the game in the pre-game operating region or you try to change setting before starting the game that could affect the in game operating region by possibly activating a slight bug in the in-game operating region like freezing or the AIs start moving erratically, also maybe the Cut-scene that might play at the start of the game could have problems.

Another problem that could arise is the loading screen interactivity not working because of something you may have done in the pre-game operating region. Such as sounds being made when you press a button whilst the game is loading or for example where you can make something move like on little big planet with the silhouette of sack boy that can jump when you press a button, this is shown in the image below.

DSC01194-1 loading_screen maxresdefault

In-game operating region

The in game operating region is once you have begun playing the game and anything you do whilst in the game till the end at post game. If you do something in game and leave there could possibly be a bug between the in-game and post game operating regions as maybe a certain sequence of events could affect the post game operating region as you quit the in-game operating region such as the one below where you would go when you sign out of runescape.

new-login-interface-1_1 vanquish

Post-game operating region

Post-game operating region is after you save and quit the game. There are a number of ways to quit a game, you can quit without saving which will take less time than saving and quitting. If you just quit most games will give you the opportunity to allow you to save your game progress before the game terminates itself, A portable console game can be ended by turning of the portable console such as a 3DS, if the portable device has a software controlled off button, then the game software can save and quit before the console fully shuts down.

The in-game operating region could affect the post-game operating region like the textures failing on a menu that you go back to in post-game etc. Both the game start are the same thing except one is before the gaming session and one is after you quit the gaming session.

House_in_A_Forest_Preview save2 HC_Main_Menu_V2_Menu_Darkerpic_0061

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Bug types A-E

There are a few types of bugs the first one A is the crash bug this bug will crash the game meaning you can’t play it and it freezes or throws you out on to the desktop. an example of this is of the Pokémon x and y crash bug which was when you saved the game in a city called lumiose city outside, the game freezes and becomes unresponsive, also the textures on the buildings get messed up as shown in the images below, the image on the left shows the game before the bug happens and the image on the right shows the bug after it happens. Images Pokémon lumiose city bug.


Another example of a crash bug is when you start the game up and it comes up with an error and takes you back to the desktop rendering it unplayable, an example of this is FEZ as the game has had the same problem as I’ve just explained and below is images of the crash bug on FEZ.


Bug type B is a severe bug a bug that will not crash the game but will prevent progression in a game, such as a door won’t open so you can’t get out of a place to progress through the story or you try to fire a gun and the trigger doesn’t work rendering you defenseless. An example where this is in Zelda twilight princess, as when you go into the cannon room in the game and save before talking to the man in the room called Shad, when you load the game up again Shad will be gone and you will be trapped, meaning you won’t be able to progress and carry on with the adventure. I have a picture below showing the room and Shad.


Another example of a severe bug is in Batman: origins where somebody completed the story and could no longer interact with anything, not the items, not the stealth attack etc. meaning you can’t actually progress because you can’t pick up anything or do anything to finish the level. Also this is more of a crash bug but when you interact with a certain object in the Burnley radio tower level it makes you fall through the floor.



Bug type C – A general bug is a bug that isn’t severe enough to be classed as severe as it doesn’t stop progression in the game and isn’t minor enough to be classed as minor for its worse than a minor bug, therefore still requires to be reported. An example of a general bug is in Halo: Combat Evolved where on the silent cartographer level it is possible to get the warthog stuck in the door that leads to the cartographer, but doesn’t stop you from progressing therefore making it a general bug for it is far worse than that of a minor bug.


Another general bug is in super smash bros brawl, where on the stage Bridge of Eldin when bulbin comes to destroy a part of the bridge a portal will come and restore it and if you use the super smash whilst being jiggly puff in the gap in the bridge, afterwards you will become giant jiggly puff permanently as shown in one of the images below and jiggly puff can be made bigger if you use Yoshi egg lay attack which is shown in the second image of just how large she can get.

Image Image


Bug type D – Minor bugs aren’t bad enough to be a general bug, but are worse than a cosmetic bug. An example of a minor is if something is out of place like an NPC or a NPC starts doing a strange animation when spoken too or any animation glitch. An example of an animation bug is in Mario Kart Wii where in the thwomp desert tournament, if the player has the pokey head rolling around the area, the pokey may occasionally get stuck and shake in place between three cacti as shown in the image below.


Another minor example of a minor bug is NPC animation in Skyrim where an NPC tries to go to sleep and tries to get into bed and the result is it misses the bed and its head looks jammed into one of the posts of the bed. This is a minor bug because the game still works it’s not severe enough to be a general bug and is worse than that of a simple cosmetic bug.


Bug type E – cosmetic/comments bug is a texture bug or something that is an annoyance but really doesn’t affect the game and isn’t bad enough to warrant being marked as a minor bug. An example of this is in halo where a gun texture has lines going around it ruining the authentic look of the gun, as shown in the image below.


Another example of a cosmetic/ comment bug is in guild wars 2 there is a spelling mistake in a letter you, this is shown in the image below. So these bugs are simple mistakes in textures, spelling mistakes in speech and any other text, any small bug that is a minor annoyance to the player that in no way affects the game play.


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